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Immigration and Customs Reform Act

When I am in Congress, we are going to do the serious work of reforming our broken immigration system and making it easier for new immigrants to begin lawfully working here, to start paying taxes sooner, and to fully contribute to the vibrancy of our economy.

Soon after being sworn into office, I will introduce the Immigration and Customs Reform Act of 2025 (ICRA) which will aim to solve two problems in a single piece of legislation.


First, we will reform a broken and irrational immigration system so that immigrants, refugees, and all those aspiring to be Americans have functional avenues to lawfully migrate to the United States.  This requires streamlining the immigration process, allowing more work permits, making it easier to obtain Green cards, and allowing long-time residents who arrived here unlawfully a permanent resident status. 

Second, we will fund large numbers of administrative judges for a temporary five-year period to fairly adjudicate the hundreds of thousands of asylum applications that the federal government doesn't have the capacity to process.

Citizenship for Dreamers 

My legislation will grant citizenship to all of those Americans who arrived here unlawfully as children and have been contributing to our country ever since. 

Adjudicate Asylum Claims

By funding more administrative court judges, we can adjudicate asylum claims quickly so that bonafide refugees can begin their new lives here with certainty. 

Functional Permitting

A more functional process for laborers across the Western Hemisphere to work here will help drive domestic growth.

Trade with Latin America

A European Union-like customs union would create a common market across the Western Hemisphere and would spark decades of double-digit annual GDP growth in the United States and Latin America.

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