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There is a mental health epidemic on our streets.  America can do better.

​I will support legislation that addresses the endemic open-air drug use, chronic homelessness, and mentally unstable individuals who struggle on our streets.  There is no easy silver bullet solution to helping these troubled Americans begin to rebuild their lives, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Healthy Streets legislation must include wide-ranging resources for prevention and education programs and funding for public awareness campaigns that detail risks associated with addiction and drug use.  This legislation must enhance school-based values education programs to prevent substance abuse and promote mental well-being among teenagers.  We must also work to create training programs for healthcare professionals, law enforcement, and judicial personnel to recognize and compassionately respond to addiction and mental health issues.

Healthy Streets legislation must make treatment services available to those in need.  It's necessary to increase funding for both inpatient and outpatient addiction and mental health treatment programs.  We must work to reduce wait times, fill gaps in insurance coverage limitations, and reduce other barriers that prevent addicts from seeking treatment. 


Healthy Streets legislation should also make it easier for local jurisdictions to create diversion and alternative sentencing programs, including the formation of specialized courts, to handle cases involving individuals with addiction or mental health issues.  Federal funds might be necessary to provide resources to law enforcement to help them connect individuals in crisis with appropriate treatment and support services instead of arrest.

Healthy Street legislation must also create comprehensive reentry programs that address the unique needs of individuals transitioning from incarceration to the community, including access to addiction and mental health services.  We should work to ensure a continuity of care by integrating treatment and support services throughout the reentry process.  Collaborations between correctional facilities, community-based organizations, and healthcare providers will reduce recidivism rates.

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