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Your privacy is our commitment.

Charlene for Congress is committed to living our values by describing how we collect and use your personal information in plain language, providing clear choices for how we collect and use your personal information, and continually evaluating and improving our privacy and data governance practices to responsibly handle personal information entrusted to us. This may include information about you, whether you are a Charlene for Congress supporter, or if you are not and we obtain information about you as an individual member of the public from other sources (e.g., you are a registered voter and we have information about you in voter files we use to conduct voter outreach); in this statement “you” refers to both.

We do not share personal information without your consent.


Privacy Statement

  • Our Data Privacy Principles.  Charlene for Congress is committed to your right to privacy. We follow these eight principles when processing your personal information: Transparency, Individual Participation, Purpose Specification, Data Minimization, Use Limitation, Data Quality and Integrity, Security, and Accountability. 

  • Personal Information We Collect.  Charlene for Congress collects and stewards personal information about you through a variety of methods, including through direct collection (e.g., through a web form you submit), through automated data collection (e.g., through technologies to understand how people navigate our websites), from third-party sources (e.g., voter information from government and commercial sources), and by inferring personal information about you (e.g., as we look for individuals who may be interested in joining a discrimination lawsuit based on information we have collected from you and/or information acquired from third-party sources). 

  • Why We Use Your Information.  Charlene for Congress uses your personal information to further our mission. To better illustrate why we collect this information, we have listed specific processing purposes for which ACLU uses your information, categorized by the thematic activities of advocacy and organizing; digital services optimization and operations; fundraising; legal services; outreach and research; merchandise; and when required by law, to prevent fraud and protect our or others’ rights. 

  • With Whom and How We Share Your Information.  Charlene for Congress shares your personal information with our Affiliates, service providers who help us carry out business activities, business partners, and other third parties as required or permitted by law. 

  • Your Choices and Rights.  Charlene for Congress offers choices on how we process your information. You can let us know how you want us to communicate with you, correct your information, ask us to tell you about the information we have about you, and ask us to delete or stop using your information in certain ways. 

By providing your phone number, you agree to receive text messages from this organization. Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency varies. 


If you are receiving text messages from us and wish to stop receiving them, simply respond with either “STOP” or “UNSUBSCRIBE” to the number from which you received the message. Once we receive your message, you will no longer receive further text messages from us.

Charlene for Congress maintains strict privacy policies, ensuring that personal information of our users and members is not sold, rented, released, or traded to others without prior consent or legal obligation.

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