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Did you hear that Zoe Lofgren is smearing me as 'a Republican'?  

Smears like this could happen to any one of us good Democrats.


I have been a registered Democrat my entire life.  After my textile recycling company became successful, I have been eager to support the party and our elected officials by attending fundraisers, contributing money to party-building efforts, and working with my local elected officials on issues that are critical to our communities.  


But because I dared to challenge a 30-year incumbent, I have been smeared as ‘a Republican’ by Rep. Lofgren.  Primaries are for debating ideas, and even our most tenured elected officials should be held to account for their votes in office.  Challenging incumbents should be a celebrated part of our democratic process.


In an email she sent to party officials last week, she claims that I’m advancing an ‘extreme MAGA agenda’.  That accusation is particularly nonsensical considering my support of Justice for Palestine, the indigenous #Landback movement, universal single-payer healthcare, my unabashed insistence that housing is indeed a human right, and my environmental work in the textile recycling space. 


The congresswoman’s behavior should not be taken lightly.  


She is powerful and entrenched in the Democratic Party, and her behavior sets the toxic tone and culture that is so much part of what is wrong in Washington, DC.  When we allow her to demonize any one of our party’s members as ‘a Republican’ simply because they dare participate in our election process, she could more and more easily do the same thing to any of us. 


Rep. Lofgren does not hold a lifetime position, but she sure does act like it. 


My campaign is for anyone who has ever felt unheard, unseen, or unrecognized by our federal government.  I’m going to work for you, and I can’t be bought by the special interest puppet masters.  


I reject corporate PAC money, while Rep. Lofgren gets two-thirds of her campaign cash from special interest groups.  Unlike Rep. Lofgren, I will not hold, buy, or trade public stocks while serving in Congress.  Rep. Lofgren has refused to make these same ethics commitments.


I’m proud to announce that, when I’m serving in Congress, I will be donating my salary to support those in need. 


Don’t believe Zoe Lofgren’s lies about me.  Visit my website and learn more about my plan to make housing affordable again.  On March 5th – Vote Charlene for Congress.


Vote for real change, not more of the same. 

With gratitude,

Charlene Concepción Nijmeh

Read my cease and desist letter to Rep. Zoe Lofgren.

Read my response to Sen. Laird and Assemblyman Rias


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