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I feel the American Dream slipping away for our young people.  

The sad truth is that America is moving backwards in terms of the types of homes that our next generation will be able to afford.  Rep. Zoe Lofgren represents the most homeless city in America – she has served for 30 years – and still today she lacks a coherent federal housing strategy. I'm going to fight for the young people who feel like home ownership will never be attainable.   Together, we're going to bring back the American dream. 


When I’m in Congress, I’m going to introduce the Housing Supply and Affordability Act of 2025 – because the only way to lower housing prices in a dramatic and sustained way is to drastically increase our supply of housing.  That's what we'll do.


My plan will award municipalities with federal block grants to fund ample new supplies of affordable housing units in pro-growth communities, will create an affordable housing tax credit that will accelerate the construction of more homes, provide more funding for supportive housing managed by non-profit social service providers, and will make empty federal buildings available for emergency shelters where necessary. 


On March 5th – Vote Charlene for Congress.  Vote for real change, not more of the same. 



Read my plan.

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